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Echocardiogram, TMT, ECG, blood & Laboratory tests


Ambulatory Blood pressure monitoring & holter monitoring

Angiogram & Angioplasty

Pace maker, ICD insertion

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coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG)

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Women heart health program

Cardiac rehabilitation

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Heart failure clinic

Advanced heart failure services - Heart & Lung transplant, artificial heart (LVAD)

Pain clinic

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counseling and lifestyle modification programs

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Heart failure clinic - Advanced heart disease / failure program

People who had a severe heart attack but not treated in time will have the weak and flabby heart because of loss of blood supply to heart muscle leads to death of muscles, eventually weak pumping results in effort intolerance, breathlessness, and short life span. Sometimes heart failure could be due to other reasons without any preceding event and silent.

Cardiac rehabilitation services

Those who suffered heart attacks and underwent stenting or surgery can be offered structures rehabilitation to resume the normal life. Also those who had damage to heart muscle may have limited abilities, can be rehabilitated to their best physical capabilities.

Cronic pain consultation & pain and spine intervention services

Chronic pain is a condition with significant pain in anywhere in the body but without any obvious local identifiable pathology. Most of them had surgery or trauma on the area or near by area, inspite of good healing they still feel persistent pain over there and certain amount of disturbances in their regular work.

They feel troubled with pain, could not concentrate on their work and significant percentage of them are with depression and sleep disturbances.. The pain also comes spontaneously in some people and they feel it in  multiple areas at a time. These are called fibromyalgia, a widespread inflammatory condition involving the musculoskeletal system.

Back pain & neck pain:

Low back pain and neck pain can be due to stress on the muscles, ligaments, bone and joints of the spine due to unhygienic long  positions like sitting on the chair for long time, bending without knee flexion etc.

Sciatica is type of common cause of back pain often radiating to the legs. Disc prolapse and spinal degenerative osteophytes compress the exiting nerve roots results in a shooting and radiating pain. Acute pain can be managed with medicines and bed rest. Chronic pain requires spinal interventions like transformational epidural steroids and per cutaneous discectomy. Facetal joints are the other pain common pain generators in the spine due to inflammation and degeneration. Radio frequency ablation of pain producing nerves offers a good pain relief.

Knee pain:

Osteoarthritis is a common condition due to degeneration of cartilage covering joint bony surfaces leaves painful bone structures for stress during weight bearing. Weight reduction, analgesics, physical exercises, intrarticular injections and radio frequency ablation of joint nerves relieves pain.


Widespread inflammation and pain points  are hall mark of this syndrome. It’s debilitating and requires multimodal management. Medicines and physical therapy offers good relief and significant number of patients have depression who requires counselling as well.

Our pain consultant

Dr Sivakumar Periasamy is our pain consultant who had his special interest in acute and chronic pain services. He had his special training from Singapore General Hospital and Interventional pain  Center, Delhi.

Treatments offered :

  • Epidural steroid injections

  • Radio frequency ablation of pain producing nerves

  • Per cutaneous discectomy

  • Spinal cord stimulation

  • Physical therapy