Heart failure clinic – Advanced heart disease / failure program

People who had a severe heart attack but not treated in time will have the weak and flabby heart because of loss of blood supply to heart muscle leads to death of muscles, eventually weak pumping results in effort intolerance, breathlessness, and short life span. Sometimes heart failure could be due to other reasons without any preceding event and silent. The heart failure population is steadily increasing in spite of so much advances and availability of health care services. We find this is one important area still not yet addressed by the medical fraternity, leads to poor exercise tolerance which limits their productivity and social life, eventually they become crippled. Patients often come only in advanced stages after a short duration of fatigue and breathlessness. Failing heart eventually limits the life span and making them to visit the doctor or hospital frequently. They may get sick enough quickly which requires frequent ICU admissions. We have an elaborate program to quantify the problem and rehabilitate accordingly. They will require frequent visits and adjustment of medicines for the better survival. The clinic even offers other therapies like cardiac synchronization therapy (CRT) which helps them to get a better relief for a while. We even initiate heart transplant work up once the heart exhausted enough not responding to medicines and other therapies. The clinic enrolls patients for regular programs to involve them in patient groups so that they can have a better understanding about their problems with shared knowledge. Also they are regularly involved in physical rehabilitation to promote good life style and reduced recurrent exacerbations of heart failure. Some time, they may require occupational counseling as well to be more productive and self-dependent with ongoing therapies. You should not neglect fatigue or difficulty in breathing lasting more than few days unless there is a reason for that like fever etc. identifying the heart failure at early stages may help us to arrest at that point by identifying the inciting factor and correcting it. Even at times the reason is not known, the medications help the heart not progress into late stages. We have specialists to care patients with advanced heart failure. It is a multidisciplinary care involving cardiologists, heart failure surgeons and physiotherapists. We provide comprehensive care to increase longevity and to have better quality of life. It covers extensive assessments include ECG, Echocardiogram, exercise assessment of cardiac function, cardiac CT and MRI, cardiac angiogram & catheterisation and radionuclide scanning, endomyocardial biopsy. The treatment can be medicines, surgery for valve dysfunction or coronary bleeding clocks, biventricular cardiac pacing, implantable cardio we’re defibrillator (ICD), L VAD ( Artificial Heart), heart transplantation. You will have a comprehensive care depends on the condition in our clinic.

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