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Modern technology driven sedentary life with increasing anxiety and stress levels along with processed food and pollution impacts our metabolic balance over time. This result in disordered metabolic milieu in the body, creating low level of continuous inflammation and disturbed micro healing at the tissue levels leads to metabolic syndrome consists of diabetes, hypertension, lipid disorder and obesity. This leads to the majority problems responsible for the morbidity and mortality of society, the vascular atherosclerosis and cancer. Cardiovascular diseases and cancer accounts for the two thirds of deaths happening annually all over the world. Coronary artery disease (Heart attack) and cerebrovascular disease (Stroke) are the main part of cardio vascular diseases. Almost one fifth of all deaths contributed to ischemic heart diseases. As we are being the world’s largest chunk of diabetic population as well as the genetic tendency for high incidence of heart disease, the burden of cardiovascular diseases is huge in India. We need to address the whole spectrum of diseases like heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and Limb loss as single entity of atherosclerosis of vessels with the common risk factors like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and smoking. Intervening these risk factors as early as, is vital to safeguard our health and longevity. Keeping this in mind our clinic works at all levels from prevention to end stage cardiovascular diseases aiming at avoid developing cardiovascular illness as primary prevention to giving a good quality of event free life by controlling parameters, preventing future events of cardiovascular diseases of known patients as secondary prevention. 

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I have searched for many Hospital for my Father. Finally I found this doctor and she given best treatment for my Father with personal care. Best hospital with all necessary equipment.

Karthick vijayakumar

A long awaited cardio clinic now easily accessible in saibaba colony.... The people of the colony will benefit instead of going to corporate hospitals and waiting in futility.... It's a boon to this developing area of Coimbatore.

Ravikanth Shanmugam

Best diagnosis, treatment and excellent care taker adviser

Jayakumar Sambasivam

Best treatment provided.

Priya Dharshini